White Lithium Grease spray 3 IN ONE,gemuk semprot

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Barang ini tidak bisa melewati pengiriman udara(jne,tiki,pos indonesia),berbentuk cairan,tidak lolos xrya bandara.Peraturan Penerbangan Tidak Menerima Jenis Cairan Aerosol/ Spray

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 Diharuskan melewatin pengiriman jalur darat/laut Untuk luar daerah(luar jakarta )Inbox kami terlebih dahulu  3-IN-ONE professional White Lithium grease is a premium quality, lithium-based multi-purpose grease designed
particularly for applications requiring extreme water resistance. It provides long-lasting lubrication for all
metal-to-metal applications and will not splatter, melt, run, wash off or freeze.

Where to use
For applications throughout industry, particularly the automotive and marine sectors on all types of threaded
components, flanges, anti-friction and plain bearings, gears, cogs, etc. It will also protect against seizure
caused by corrosion and chemical attack. With no hazardous chemicals, it is also safe to use around the home
on sliding doors, windows, hinges and garden machinery.

Where not to use
Plastics substrates, or areas of difficult or limited accessibility where conventional low viscosity lubricants
will provide superior lubrication and more efficient performance.
On live electrical equipment. Always ensure that aerosol vapours are removed or allowed to dissipate fully
prior to re-use.

Contains water repellent additives.
Prevention of seizure particularly under aqueous conditions.
Wide temperature range of -20 to +140C.
Exceptional dimensional stability and mechanical strength.
Good oxidation resistance.

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